Friday, November 27, 2009

Flannel Shirts and Skinny Jeans - A Match Made In Heaven?!

Few combos are more indie than flannel shirts and skinny jeans. Like peanut butter and jelly, they are two good things which combine to form something incredible!! In fact, a quality pair of mens skinny jeans mated with a rustic vintage flannel shirt is probably even better than a PB&J sandwich. Actually, strike that. Not probably better, but definitely!

Just the other weekend I was at this local pizza joint, listening to some folksy music. Everyone there was a different flavor of hipster. You had your drug rug wearing deadbeats, your guy with a huge beard and suspenders, some dude driving a rickshaw, you name it. If it weren't for my tight Levi's and the green lumberjack-esque flannel I got for five bucks at JCPenny I would have been SO out of place. You see, skinny jeans and flannel saved my life in this situation!!

Perhaps it could save yours too.